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A recent report predicted that by 2017 programmatic advertising globally will be a $33 billion market. While there is excitement in the ad tech community as a whole, among many creative agencies and marketers, the programmatic opportunity is often met with a mix of confusion and blankness.

Re-frame how we think about programmatic in a creative context:

Framing programmatic as a huge disrupter of the marketing process no doubt works well in a pitch to venture capitalists, but it can raise anxiety among creatives.

Who wants to be “disrupted” by some AI? Instead, the programmatic message should be contextualized as a logical next step in the evolution of advertising

 Creative agency planners need to change how we think and work:

We challenge ourselves to define a brand’s one audience, the single-minded proposition, the key brand benefit. This has always been an imperfect representation of what actually drives a business, but a simplified archetype has been necessary because it’s been too difficult or costly to reach multiple audiences with multiple messages. With programmatic, these difficulties fall away. As planners, we need to have the humility to accept that the data we get back from programmatic might identify segments and insights.

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