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You need to know business etiquette especially if you are networking at a networking meeting or if you are attending a client’s party or social event.

It is true that some are not used to this idea, especially those who network for a living and are used to going to networking events.

Some people talk to you first to get to know what you do and they want to know who you work for. Their mind is focused on “what is in for me” – they think about how you can help them advance their careers and grow their business. If they are selling something, they think about how you can be a potential client and customer i.e. to increase their sales.

Halfway during the conversation, if they conclude that you aren’t of any use, you’ll be ignored or “dropped off their mental list” almost visibly.

They’ll excuse themselves then almost forcefully break into another conversation to meet someone else who fits the criteria above.

Business Etiquette

Asking, Giving and Receiving Business Cards

Give with both hands and receive with both hands.

When you receive it, pause a moment and look at it before you put it away.

Do not put the business card in your wallet.

Do not write anything on the business card

Do your work quietly and efficiently. Don’t tell anyone how hard you’ve worked, or stay late in the office to try to impress people.

Dress Corporate

Ladies use make up to look professional

Personal grooming is a must.

Don’t look haggard or disheveled from having to come in to the office early or stay late the night before.

Dress well. Look like you are going somewhere after work. Co-workers and bosses are actually more impressed by well-rounded people who get their work done during business hours and have a healthy social life.

Business Dining Etiquette

Entertaining for business involves business meal etiquette or business dining etiquette. Socializing with business associates provides work and business to be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere.

Business etiquette is important because it gives you the confidence of knowing what to do at all times. You will know how to behave and be at ease.

This will be the mark of an elegant person at work.

Basic courtesies and professional behaviour apply to business dining etiquette.

Though in a non office environment, one should always employ her best table manners, not have too much to drink, laugh too loudly, tell crude jokes, ask about your guests’ personal life, be inappropriate and be overly casual, dress professionally or appropriately.

To be elegant is first of all to know oneself, and to know oneself well requires a certain amount of reflection and intelligence.

There are two stages of becoming elegant, starting first from the workings of inner elegance, because true elegance starts from within. ‘.

Everyone knows somebody elegant. It’s a fusion of presentation,  manners and etiquette!

An elegant self confidence is loosely represented by the insides (heart) and outsides (your personal grooming, your walk, posture, poise etc)

We need a combination of professional and job etiquette as well as a knowledge of culture.

Although culture and customs may differ, there is a general international business manners-etiquette that most come to expect.

What is expected in all business practices:

At a meeting or interview, always be on time!

Depending on how important the meeting is, aim to be there half an hour early.

If you are late, even by a minute. Please call.

Make no mention of it and appear calm and composed if you are less than five minutes late.

If you are more than five minutes late, you should have called and apologize when you arrive. And you better have a very good reason.

The ambitious, ‘Those who have the courage to work hard and sacrifice other areas of their lives in the pursuit of a goal’, are admired.

But is hard work, making a lot of money, and sacrificing other areas of your life really the sum of ambition? Or is ambition something more, and of far greater importance? (more…)

The Optimist says, “The glass is half full.”
The Pessimist says, “The glass is half empty.”
The Marketing Consultant says, “Your glass needs re-sizing.” (more…)

Let 2015 be a year full of fun, networking and successful collaborations…your New Year resolution should be formulated based on your personal preferences and vision.

 You invest in your money, but do you invest in your relationships?
Assess your assets and identify your liabilities…. Sometimes we tend to spend too much time focusing on the value of the wrong set of assets. (more…)

All agencies are pretty much the same, but it’s the client that makes the difference and determines the quality of output.

As David Ogilvy wrote in the seminal Confessions of An Advertising Man(more…)

“Will my children suffer because they have a working mother? Will they be deprived?”

No matter the situation, the answer is: That depends on what you believe and what you do. (more…)

Some hard-working employees have an even harder-working boss who is the last to leave the office.

The problem: Every night, your workaholic boss is still glued to the computer when you need to leave. How to go home without looking like a slacker? (more…)

  1. Remember to stay cool and hydrated. Drink water, at least two to four cups upon rising, and similar amounts if you are going out for activities and exercise. (more…)

Its August already and the summer mode is at ‘high voltage’…and many of us want a holiday especially the creative team…otherwise we will end up with mental ‘BLOCKS’ (more…)