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The ambitious, ‘Those who have the courage to work hard and sacrifice other areas of their lives in the pursuit of a goal’, are admired.

But is hard work, making a lot of money, and sacrificing other areas of your life really the sum of ambition? Or is ambition something more, and of far greater importance? (more…)

The Optimist says, “The glass is half full.”
The Pessimist says, “The glass is half empty.”
The Marketing Consultant says, “Your glass needs re-sizing.” (more…)

Let 2015 be a year full of fun, networking and successful collaborations…your New Year resolution should be formulated based on your personal preferences and vision.

 You invest in your money, but do you invest in your relationships?
Assess your assets and identify your liabilities…. Sometimes we tend to spend too much time focusing on the value of the wrong set of assets. (more…)

All agencies are pretty much the same, but it’s the client that makes the difference and determines the quality of output.

As David Ogilvy wrote in the seminal Confessions of An Advertising Man(more…)

Some hard-working employees have an even harder-working boss who is the last to leave the office.

The problem: Every night, your workaholic boss is still glued to the computer when you need to leave. How to go home without looking like a slacker? (more…)

  1. Remember to stay cool and hydrated. Drink water, at least two to four cups upon rising, and similar amounts if you are going out for activities and exercise. (more…)